5g frequency communication technology & future of

5g frequency communication technology & future of
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4G is widely used in the world and is developing very rapidly.

It has been widely used in most countries to cover a large area. So far, people have more and more ways to obtain information and the efficiency of obtaining information is getting higher and higher 5g frequency.

The speed 5g frequency requirement and the experience of higher requirements for communication technology can greatly change people’s life style and make people’s lives more convenient.

The article takes 5G mobile communication technology and future development trends as the research topic, analyzes and discusses the existing 5G mobile communication technology, and extends the future development trend of 5G mobile communication technology to provide a theoretical basis for my country’s mobile communication technology and socialism Contribute to the construction of information civilization.

5g frequency

# 5g frequency communication; technology future development trend

With the rapid development of the times, science and technology continue to innovate and improve, among which the development of communication technology is particularly rapid, providing conditional support for the upgrading of mobile communication technology.

So far, the most advanced technology in the field of communications is 5g frequency mobile communications technology, which is expected to be widely used in 2020. 5G has become the main research object in the field of modern communications.

More and more countries are exploring and developing  5g frequency and have achieved great results. Great results

# Introduction to 5g frequency Communication Technology

At present, 4G mobile communication technology is widely used, and 5G is a mobile communication technology that is higher than 4G standards.

5G is the fifth-generation mobile communication technology, which means that it has higher requirements, larger bandwidth, and faster speed. 5g frequency communication It has laid the foundation for the rapid development of the mobile Internet.

It is a connection to other wireless communication technologies and can meet the requirements of various aspects of future communication technology. 5G will have the advantages of more intelligence, network self-sensing and self-adjustment.”

5g frequency

# High spectrum utilization

At present, the utilization of high-frequency spectrum resources is greatly restricted.

Under the current scientific and technological conditions, the utilization efficiency will be affected by the penetration of high-frequency radio waves, which generally will not hinder the optical carrier wireless networking and the limited and unlimited Widespread use of broadband technology combination.

In 5g frequency  communication technology, high-frequency spectrum resources will be widely used.

# The communication system performance has been greatly improved

The 5G mobile communication technology will greatly improve the communication performance.

The joint cooperation and networking of a wide range of multi-point, multi-antenna, multi-user, and multi-cell are the main research objects, making great breakthroughs in performance and updating The concept of communication system under the traditional form.

5g frequency
# Advanced design concept

The core business in the mobile communication business is indoor communication, so if you want to improve the mobile communication technology, you must optimize the indoor communication business.

Therefore, the5g frequency communication system is committed to improving the coverage performance of indoor wireless networks and improving the support capabilities of indoor services, breaking through the traditional design concepts to form an advanced design concept.

# Reduce energy consumption and operating costs of 5g frequency cheep

Energy consumption and operating costs have a great impact on the development of science, so the direction of communication technology development is also towards lower energy consumption and lower operating costs.

Therefore, the “soft” configuration design of 5G wireless networks is the main research object of future mobile communication technology.

Network resources are dynamically adjusted in real time according to the usage of traffic, so that energy consumption and operating costs can be reduced2.

5g frequency
# Main considerations

5G mobile communication technology will pay more attention to the user experience. Interactive games, 3D technology, virtual realization, transmission delay, average network throughput speed and energy efficiency in various aspects are the main considerations for testing 5g frequency performance.

3. The improvement of 5G’s network business capabilities in three dimensions and several key technologies

(1) Through technological innovation, resource utilization efficiency has increased by more than 10 times on the basis of 4G.

(2) The throughput rate is about 25 times higher than that of the traditional mobile communication technology, mainly because of the new system structure.

(3) The frequency resources are 4 times larger than the traditional model, such as high frequency band, millimeter wave and visible light.

# Key technologies of 5G mobile communication

  • Simultaneous same frequency full duplex technology

At the same time, the same-frequency full-duplex technology can effectively improve the utilization efficiency of frequency resources, and can receive signals in two different directions on a physical channel at the same time.

At the same time, the same-frequency full-duplex technology can simultaneously transmit signals and receive same-frequency data information. The interference problem generated by the transmitter signal of the communication duplex node’s own transmitter is effectively solved%.

It can not only improve the utilization efficiency of high frequency spectrum, but also make the mobile communication network available quickly. -Once 5G is implemented, communication users and traffic usage will increase rapidly. Therefore, the traditional base station mode-based networking mode is no longer sufficient to meet the requirements of the era for mobile communication technology.

Therefore, a new network connection mode such as 5g frequency can be very effective. Realize business requirements well.

5g frequency

# MIMO technology 5g frequency

Multi-antenna technology is composed of many antenna links, so the components required for this technology are very diverse, including receivers and transmitters.

The receiving antennas can be conveniently distributed on the device, but the transmitting antennas must be arranged in a centralized or distributed arrangement. This technology can not only remove its own MIMO, but also improve the efficiency of high spectrum utilization and reduce energy consumption.

Great improvements have been made in the areas of cell interference, noise, loss and disconnection. 5G mobile communication technology can use a relatively simple way to solve these problems. Not only can the multi-antenna technology be used to simplify the design, but also the signal can be dispersed. And spectrum utilization has been well improved.

# Intelligent technology.

A deeper analysis of 5G mobile communication technology shows that cloud computing has an irreplaceable role for 5G mobile communication.

The server in the cloud computing network plays a very important role in 5g frequency communication technology. The base stations are combined to form a switch network. In addition, the staff can reasonably use the storage function to complete the work of storing large amounts of big data.

One of the major advantages of cloud computing is that it can process the stored data in a timely and efficient manner. Because the base station is large in scale and large in number, the base station can correctly divide the frequency bands according to the actual situation and perform corresponding corresponding operations. Business use

5g frequency

The development direction of 5G is the transformation of communication system architecture.

The flattened SAE/LTE architecture promotes a high degree of integration of mobile communication and the Internet. In the future, mobile communication means more intelligent, high-density and programmability.

By distributing the content distribution network to the edge of the core network, it can reduce the load of network access routing and bring users a better experience. Therefore, the new technology involved in 5G is to make great improvements for the needs of the future era, and has a great breakthrough compared with the traditional mobile communication technology.

# 5G communication technology

5G has greatly improved the networking structure and architecture used by traditional network technologies in terms of intelligence and flexibility. For example, for heterogeneous ultra-dense planning and distribution, the software network architecture that separates forwarding and control is used for definition.

At the end of wireless transmission, 5G can achieve wider continuous coverage, support higher mobile transmission rates, achieve better technical control, achieve ubiquitous signal interconnection, and technically achieve transmission delay, virtual reality, and Interactive business, convenient for users to use.

And 5G technology can provide higher capacity for the Internet of Things, increase the demand for smart phones, support signal transmission and use tens of times the equipment, and can realize the use of online games that cannot be completed on 4G networks. Therefore, the 5g frequency communication network has the characteristics of high speed, large connection, low power consumption and low delay.

It can not only achieve faster transmission efficiency, but also achieve more efficient use. It is a new revolution created by the Internet of Everything at this stage. .

5g frequency
# conclusion

With the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology, information technology is in a trend of rapid development.

Under the conditions of the rapid development of mobile Internet and Internet of Things services, the process of commercialization of the fifth-generation mobile communication technology (5G) has been accelerated, which then replaced the 4G era.

As the key technologies of 5G mobile communication have high security, low energy consumption and Low cost and other characteristics, so it can meet the development needs of the mobile communication industry in the new era.

5G communication has become a modern technology and has become the trend of future network communication, which has further improved the application of network resources.

5g frequency

5G communication technology has greatly promoted the development of the country, because this high-end technology has a very positive significance for building a more efficient and secure network era.

More and more countries attach importance to this technology, and my country is also 5G Vigorous research has been carried out on communication technology, and good results have been achieved.

In the future, 5G will be widely used and spread to every corner. It is the change of the times and the welfare of our users.

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