7 Golden Tips ,How To Create Amazing Blog Post, Audience Love It!

7 Golden Tips ,How To Create Amazing Blog Post, Audience Love It!
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Hi , friends are you also heard many people said i am a blogger or content writing and made a tones of earnings by blogging .They also generate a many questions to beginner or blogger those who already in this field or start yet ,they did not make good money.

You are a beginner then couriers about How To Write A Blog Will Make You A Tones Of Profit To read our article to explain simple and easy language. So we are talking about those how already making a blog perhaps the result not so impact full or they didn’t successful. Do you want more and more people come to your website and read your content, at least visitors did not leave your page suddenly. And the worst part is that large no of people are connected with social media but they did not click on you post. So if you are facing this types of problem then don’t worry, we are here to help all your questions regarding blogs. I am a blog expert since 5 years and making amazing money on this platform.

Basically if your are passionate and build a career in this field, then follow our 7 Golden Tips ,How To Create Amazing Blog Post, That Audience Love It !

#1 : How to start a blog post and who your audience

Before you start writing, first decided who your audience to read your topic, what type of audience need to write . First you simply search what actually public interest to read a topic/Niches.

If you find a best interesting topic then you use many tools for helps the focusing blogs.

a ) :

Keywords is a free tool to use and search amazing keywords for great impact to reader .

b) Twitter :

Twitter is also a great spots to find whats going on in your country , Twitter is also a free . This will help you to go on twitter an click on trending , you have to seen there are many topic to write on it.

c) Google Questions hub :

google questions hub .question hub special google provide which type of content you should write and speedily rank your page.

d) Quora :

Quora is is questions and answers platform , where people give her opinion on current topics .

#2: Blog Title

Are you find a best trending topic ,now the next step is choose a best Title according t your post . Your title should be clear shot and impact full. In once see click your post this type of title you should add on it. don’t worry if you are trouble to thing unique title then here are tools to find best and attractive blog title

a) Blog Title Generator

This really helps to find a amazing blog title .

b) Awesome Title


#3: Add Image

Before  you find a amazing blog title ,then next strain to select a Attractive image according to your blog title and your topic. If you select a image keep remember all images should be same size and clear image. Visitors first see your image , so select a attached and best quality images. Because image speak your topic/Niches also.

#4:Write A Introduction

Are you confirm which topic should you write . First introduced of you topic to tell reader .what in this topic your are cover. Most of points you  should be highlights with blots . And important point should be color font words.

This also a trick to attract attentions of public. Be sure you should write own wording and neat and clear.


#5: Add sub-heading

Then complete introduction. Add sub headings on you topic. So this things can more comfortable for reader and easy to understand .
When you write some point, you should always keep use bullets to attract and elegant to display a reader. Use also bolt and color characters.After you complete to tell the points and you add paragraph to reader to read easy and simple


#6: Conclusion

After cover all information then  most important is conclusion is given by admin (blogger) He/she give a personal point of views on this topic. All focus point should be in conclusion. Conclusion can complete you topic and more powerful impression to reader, so when ever you write a post or blog give a conclusion.


#7: Seo

Seo , (search engine optimization) if you are a blogger then you know very well what is seo. Seo is a reality toughest and difficulty to handle it. But seo is most important to rank you site. In this seo you should cover this points are give as.

• Add a proper meta title
• Add a proper meta description
• Optimize for focused keywords
• Use related keyword variation
• Add alt-text to your images
• Embed internal links to your other content

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