Apple has announced the first headphones AirPods Max

Apple has announced the first headphones AirPods Max
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Apple has announced the first overhead headphones, the AirPods Max, with active noise canceling (ANC), hear-through capabilities, and Siri as a voice assistant. I would like to organize information on what kind of headphones AirPods Max is, including what I learned from the apple interview.

Wireless ANC headphones with a sealed structure. Compatible with wired listening

AirPods Max is equipped with a uniquely developed 40mm diameter dynamic driver in a sealed ear cup, and adopts a structure that is powerfully driven by a high magnetic force neodymium magnet.

# Bluetooth compatible wireless headphone

Basically, it is a Bluetooth compatible wireless headphone, but the headphone body has a Lightning terminal for both charging and voice input, and if you connect the separately sold Lightning-3.5 mm audio cable to the body, you can also connect to a device with 3.5 mm output by wire.

You can. You can rest assured that you can avoid delays in voice transmission when enjoying mobile games. The Bluetooth audio codec probably supports the same AAC and SBC as the AirPods series.

AirPods Max

# The balance of sound, ANC, and hear-through is always optimized

AirPods Max is equipped with two Apple H1-based SiPs (System in Package), one for each of the left and right ear cups.

The combination of machine learning processing with two chips, Apple‘s original acoustic design, and the latest software constantly optimizes the sound of this unit, the effect of ANC and hear-through, with Siri, an AI assistant, and other Apple devices such as iPhone. Realize smart functions by linking. Apple collectively refers to these experiences as “computational audio.”

AirPods Max is basically a style of headphones that enjoys a “finished” sound controlled by computational audio, but the specially shaped earpads can also be removed from the earcups.

Do you plan to release genuine Apple replacement parts in the future? Third-party audio accessories are likely to give some room for “customizing computational audio,” including wired listening with the Lightning cable mentioned earlier

# Apple-like product design and unique user interface

AirPods Pro equipped with active noise canceling function is paired with a device equipped with iOS 14 / iPad OS 14 by updating the main body software implemented in the fall. Unique smart features such as “spatial audio” and “dynamic head tracking” are now available.

AirPods Max supports the same functionality. In addition, “automatic switching” that quickly switches pairing with AirPods Max between iPhone / iPod / Mac linked to the user’s iCloud account, AirPods Max and AirPods Pro for one iPhone, etc.

It also supports “audio sharing” that allows you to connect two Bluetootth audio devices at the same time for pair listening.

The user interface with the Digital Crown, which is familiar to Apple Watch users, is very unique. Use the Digital Crown to control music playback, including answering calls and raising / lowering the volume.

A noise control button that switches between ANC and hear-through is also provided separately.

AirPods Max
# Airpod ear cups

AirPods Max has left and right ear cups, and the inside of the removable ear pad and the base of the main body to which the ear cup is attached are marked so that L / R can be distinguished
The top surface of the headband is made of a highly breathable knit mesh material, which is designed to disperse the mass of the headphones and reduce the burden on the head. In addition,

the stainless steel arm expands and contracts, and the joint part with the ear cup rotates 360 degrees to fit the user’s head without waste.

AirPods Max

No matter how perfect the computational audio is, it is difficult to continue using headphones that do not meet the user’s expectations in terms of sound and fit. When I get the actual AirPods Max machine soon, I would like to report on each point while carefully covering it.

# Smart case

Finally, I would like to mention the Smart Case that comes with AirPods Max.

The smart case is a case to protect the headphones, but when you put the AirPods Max in, the headphones switch to the ultra-low power state and sleep. It’s a function provided to prolong the charge when not in use, but is it possible to completely turn off the power of the headphones by operating a button in the first place?

AirPods Max

Even if you put it in the case, the AirPods Max headband will be exposed, but it seems that you need to explore how it affects portability while handling it. you can buy the apple airpod max from official website BUY.

Note All image should be taken for apple official websites.

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