Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner for smart home

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner for smart home
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With the rise of innovative home appliances , traditional brooms have been replaced by vacuum cleaners , wired vacuum cleaners have been replaced by wireless handheld vacuum cleaners , and handheld vacuum cleaners have been replaced by many intelligent Best robot vacuum cleaner & mop sweeping robots . Dyson , Xiaomi robot sweeping robot , Roborock sweeping robot , LG , each according to one party.

Who are the people and spaces recommended for cleaning robots ? Does a hand-held vacuum cleaner that exceed really costly represent the best? This time, we will compare and compare the recommendations of best  vacuum cleaners with the recommendations of sweeping robots from the five criteria of cleaning power, space adaptability, dust collection method, additional functions, and price .

At the same time, we will introduce the latest  “Best robot vacuum cleaner and  smart rolling ” technology, which can effectively reduce the allergic discomfort caused by the noise caused by the vacuum cleaner and the dust flying in the air.

The most important information about vacuum robots in brief
  • Cleaning programs: Some inexpensive models only vacuum hard floors well, higher quality ones also master carpets or can even mop at the same time.
  • Control: They can all clean floors automatically, but with some additional no-go areas can be set up using an app or spontaneous cleaning operations can be started using voice commands.
  • Price: Robot vacuum cleaners are available from 70 euros, whereas a device with efficient laser navigation costs at least 150 euros. A powerful smart home-capable cleaning robot is available from 300 euros.

These are our favorite Best robot vacuum cleaner

Regardless of whether you just want to vacuum or wipe, we have the right cleaning robot for everyone. The following two devices were able to convince us particularly with their good price-performance ratio.

#Best robot vacuum cleaner recommendation: RoboVac 11S Slim

Thanks to its low height, this inexpensive robot vacuum cleaner fits under almost all furniture and has a particularly large dust collector. It is controlled via a remote control. However, the manufacturer does not provide for voice or app control. The battery life of 100 minutes is ideal for small to medium-sized apartments.

Best robot vacuum cleaner

# Price-performance winner: Roborock S5 Max vacuum robot with mopping mode

With this combination device , an XL water tank ensures that the robot can also mop larger areas without refilling.

In addition, Roborock S5 Max scores with efficient laser navigation, a battery life of up to 150 minutes and a strong suction power of 2,000 pa. Roborock S5 Max can be started manually, but can also be operated using the app or Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands best robot vacuum cleaner and mop.

Best robot vacuum cleaner

# Premium alternative: Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVI vacuum and floor mopping robot 

This hybrid, also compatible with Alexa and Google, recognizes obstacles particularly quickly thanks to its artificial intelligence and innovative (TrueMapping) navigation technology and drives around them precisely.

In addition, it offers a high-frequency vibrating mopping plate to remove stubborn stains and an on-demand live video stream that can be used to monitor the work of the cleaning assistant while on the move.

Best robot vacuum cleaner

# Our recommendation: eufy RoboVac 11S is the best cheap vacuum robot

Thanks to a height of only around 7 centimetres, this vacuum robot is also useful where it is difficult for people to get there: e.g. under beds, sofas or cupboards. If it detects particularly dirty corners, the eufy RoboVac 11S even automatically increases the suction power.

In total, it can clean floors for up to 100 minutes without interruption and achieve a suction power of 1,300 pa. Although this is well below the high-priced models, which can reach up to 2500 pa, it is sufficient for most hard floors and short-pile carpets – as many positive customer reviews show. For example, Amazon customers gave an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars (as of 10/2020)

The eufy RoboVac 11S can be started directly via a power button or the supplied remote control, with which the direction of travel can be specified or other functions can be called up

Best robot vacuum cleaner
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