Discovered a very unusual molecule titan moon of saturn

Discovered a very unusual molecule titan moon of saturn
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NASA scientists, discovered a very unusual molecule from the atmosphere of Saturn’s satellite “Titan” (titan moon of saturn ) ” Astronomical Journal” published in the paper in at reported.

It is a compound of carbon and hydrogen called “cyclopropenilidene” that is highly reactive and can only exist on Earth under limited laboratory conditions .

This is the first time it has been discovered in the atmosphere titan moon of saturn and has surprised many scientists.

Very rare and strange molecule “cyclopropenilidene”The molecule discovered this time is so rare that even those who have studied chemistry have not heard much about it.

# Cyclopropenylidene

” Cyclopropenylidene ( IUPAC name : cyclopropenylidene )” is a simple carbon and hydrogen compound represented as C 3 H 2 . It easily reacts with other substances to create new compounds, so it is almost non-existent in the normal atmosphere .

titan moon of saturn

Even on NASA ‘s homepage, this molecule is rarely learned not only in high school chemistry textbooks,

but also in undergraduate students at universities, and even chemists have never heard of it, and they know how to pronounce it. It is explained that there will be no.

# Connor Nixon

connor nixon a scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center ,

who is one of the research teams , noticed the existence of this extremely rare molecule while conducting spectral analysis of the upper atmosphere of Titan by observing with the ALMA telescope.

It seems that he inadvertently muttered “This is unexpected …” to this discovery.

# Cyclopropenilidene

Cyclopropenilidene is highly reactive anyway, and has been discovered so far in the middle of the molecular cloud in the interstellar region .

Molecules in the interstellar region are so cold that they are unlikely to undergo a chemical reaction. Furthermore, since the interstellar gas is diffused and present, the reaction is even less likely to occur.

# titan moon of saturn molecule

It is a molecule that cannot exist alone unless it is in such an environment.

However, this discovery was in Titan’s atmosphere. Titan is a world where the atmosphere is denser than the earth, and its surface atmospheric pressure is 1.5 times that of the earth and its atmospheric density is 4 times that of the earth. It also has clouds, rain, lakes, rivers and even saltwater seas.

It was just unexpected that cyclopropenilidene could be found in a place like a den of such chemical reactions.

titan moon of saturn

Titan is a fairly unique object in the solar system and has proven to be a treasure trove of new molecules. However, it is currently unknown why cyclopropeniliden can be present in Titan’s atmosphere and not found on other planets .

# Molecules that normally exist only in outer space

Titan that reproduces the global environment just before the birth of life

  • Titan is the largest of Saturn ‘s 62 satellites and is said to be the most Earth-like of the more than 200 satellites in the solar system .

Researchers are interested in Titan’s habitability.

The reason is the atmospheric composition of Titan. Titan’s atmosphere, like Earth, is mostly nitrogen, which contains a small amount of methane.

# Cyclopropenilidene is a carbon-based cyclic molecule.

Although there is currently no knowledge that cyclopropenilidene itself is involved in the structure of life, carbon-based cyclic molecules play an important role as constituent elements of life, such as DNA nucleic acids and RNA .

Until now, the closed cyclic hydrocarbon molecule was “benzene (molecular formula: C 6 H 6 )”. It has been found in every planetary atmosphere and was thought to be the smallest unit of cyclic hydrocarbon molecules found titan moon of saturn in the atmosphere. 

However, cyclopropenilidene can be composed of half the carbon atoms of benzene .

It is expected that the smaller and simpler the molecule, the faster the reaction. And reactions involving small molecules are expected to be more likely to produce a wider variety of compounds .

The atmospheric discovery of cyclopropeniliden may be deeply involved in the birth of life , and it is very interesting that it was discovered in Titan, which looks exactly like the Primitive Earth.

# Spacecraft “Dragon Fly” to investigate Titan

To explore Titan with many of these interesting elements in detail, NASA is planning a “Dragonfly Mission.”In this mission, a large drone with eight rotors will be used to perform various explorations while moving on the surface of Titan.

titan moon of saturn

Cyclopropeniliden is a small and strange molecule, but this very rare molecule could be an important puzzle piece of life-creating chemistry.

Scientists are now trying to figure out how this rare molecule interacts with and reacts with other molecules in the titan moon of saturn atmosphere.How is life born on a barren planet? It may be that puzzle pieces that solve the greatest mystery of humankind are now being prepared.

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