Future smartphones will have 5 crazy functions

Future smartphones will have 5 crazy functions
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Remember your first mobile phone? The low-resolution feature future smartphones is somewhat similar to the old phone.

However, with the rapid development of technology, today’s smart phones are equipped with too many functions. The large touch screen and the front and rear cameras directly eliminate high-tech functions such as card cameras and 3D facial recognition.

Although the mobile phone is mainly used to make calls back in the day, we now use it to listen to music, browse the web, play games and watch videos.

These were unimaginable in the era of using feature phones. So what will the future smartphone look like? 20 years, 30 years longer, it is hard to imagine.

# Control your phone through your brain

In the era of feature phones, control the phone through a small phone keyboard. In the era of smartphones, mobile phones are controlled through touch screens. With tools such as Google Assistant and Apple Siri, we can control mobile phones by voice.

future smartphones

The future is to control mobile phones through the brain. This technology allows you to use your mind to complete every operation on your phone by wearing related equipment.

You can open an alternative application, play videos, and even edit pictures with your ideas. You can also send text, control the screen brightness, or create a movie from the video you shoot-you can get pictures.

# 5 times faster typing

We still have some ethics before this step, but scientists are making progress in this field.

There are reports that Facebook is developing a technology that allows people to type with their own thinking. The target typing speed is 100 words per minute, which is 5 times faster than typing on a smartphone.

If this technology is mature, it can be expected to control the mobile phone through the brain.

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are also working on a device similar to Alterego, which allows users to talk to machines on their own ideas. Hopefully in the future any such technology will not require you to wear a strange device on your head to use it.

# Charging in the air

The standby time of ordinary smart phones is very short. Many friends’ smartphones have less than a day of standby time. Even wireless charging reported by the media needs to be placed on a specific charging board.

The situation may change in the future. A foreign company is developing a technology to charge equipment through air. Place your phone three feet away from the IF transmitter and it will start charging immediately.

future smartphones
# From foldable to retractable

The technology of display screens is also developing rapidly, such as flexible displays. Fold able mobile phones have appeared on the market now.

In the future, telescopic mobile phones may appear in this field. Unlike fold able, the display screen of a mobile phone can be stretched and adjusted to a suitable size.

future smartphones
# Automatic adjustment of phone appearance color

Most of my friends’ mobile phones have different colors and different pictures. In the future, such mobile phone cases may not exist.

With the development of technology, the back of mobile phones can be completely transparent, made of glass-like materials, and completely absorb light. There are one or more LED lights inside the device, you can change the color in the phone settings to display different colors.

# Will there be smart phones in the future?

On the first day of, Robin Li was a guest on CCTV’s New Year’s Day special program

“A New Era of Songs” as a guest in the field of artificial intelligence, and started a dialogue about artificial intelligence with the host Kang Hui: in the dialogue, Robin Li mentioned that is artificial The year when intelligence is fully integrated into the family, it will also help more people improve work efficiency.

In the next 20 years, people are likely to rely less and less on mobile phones.

The author thinks that in the future, the substitutes for smart phones may be smart devices in different physical forms, or wearable smart devices that look inconspicuous but are fully functional.

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