how to fix wifi connection

how to fix wifi connection
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Why is my WiFi not working ?! We all know the frustration of having your WiFi connection kept dropping. Here’s how to fix wifi connection – whether it’s a router problem, an incorrect computer setting, or if your iPhone, Android, Mac, or PC can’t connect to a WiFi signal.


* If online access only works when a computer is connected via LAN, but not via WLAN, there are several possible causes of error.


# The router in the home network has a central task: 

It should bring all connected devices to the Internet. It does not matter whether they are connected to the router via LAN or WLAN. If online access works via LAN, but not via WLAN, the cause of the error is not immediately obvious.


# You quickly notice the problem:

you enter a website address, but the browser cannot display it. In addition, the WLAN symbol in the task bar has a small exclamation mark. When you call up the WLAN connection in the Network and Sharing Center, Windows reports that it has no Internet access. As the WLAN symbol appears in the task bar, you know that the wireless connection to the router is OK.

First, check whether the error is to be found in the online connection. The easiest way to do this is to connect a home network device to a LAN port on the router using a network cable. If online access works in this way, you have narrowed the problem down to the WLAN connection.

Next, open the WLAN connection in the Network and Sharing Center and click on the name of the WLAN network under “Connections”. In the next window you call up “Details”. Make sure that the internal IP address of the router is entered in the three lines for standard gateway, DHCP server and DNS server.

If this is not the case, select the entry “Properties -> Internet Protocol Version 4” at the bottom right of the “Status of wireless network settings” window. The two options “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server address automatically” must be selected in this menu.


*This is the most convenient solution in the home network

# Home network:

The router then transmits the IP address of the DNS server to each client. He himself uses the Internet provider’s DNS server, which is used for online access. You can check whether this is the case in the router menu. With the Fritzbox, for example, you will find the menu under “Internet -> Access data -> DNS server”.

An online lock for WLAN access may be set up in the router. This can be the case, for example, if you want to prevent your offspring from uncontrolled surfing on the Internet using a notebook. Such access blocks – in the case of the Fritzbox this function is called “child safety” – do not refer to a device, but to an IP or MAC address, which in turn is assigned to the individual network components in a device: a notebook receives one IP address for the network chip and a different one for WLAN access – and each must be blocked individually to prevent online access. Therefore access via LAN can work, but not via WLAN.

Check whether and which home network devices are possibly affected by an online block in the Fritzbox in the router menu under “Home network -> Network -> Devices and users”.

This are the easy step to solve fix wifi connection in case you wifi not fix with this help you can touch or drop us mail to we are here to solve your problems for 24*7.


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