How to get free internet on android phone

How to get free internet on android phone
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It has become a habit of everyone to use mobile phones to access the Internet.

It is a painful thing to play on mobile phones without the Internet. And your own data package is always not enough.

The first thing many people take out of their mobile phones is to search for WiFi networks, which is also our most common way to surf the Internet on mobile phones. Besides using a general wireless router to surf the Internet, is there any way to surf the Internet without data charges? In this issue,

You may heard many time people say they use free internet without any data pack activation, they are using internet any hesitation.

But your android device run 4.0 or higher version,It could be an Android phone or tablet. it true here you can follow all the step given down.

how to get free internet

# how to get free internet

VPN for Free Internet

Using VPN (Virtual Private Network) can protect your online privacy and protect your information from hackers, Internet service providers and other third parties.

VPN allows users to safely browse and access personal data through public networks. Just like a firewall protects data on a computer, when you connect to the Internet from a remote or public location.

A VPN can help protect your information from being accessed by hackers and companies you have visited the website. When you use a VPN, your browsing activities, passwords, email messages, and other data.

I am using Droid vpn , tell me your  fevriot vpn in comment section.

Here is what to do.

step 1: Download and install the app from playstore.

Step 2: Creat user name and register your username, email address & password.

Step 3: Tap on Connection Setting>Connection Protocol>Select TCP option.

Step 4: Click  the  HTTP Headers and tap check box to enable.

Step 5: Type into Custom HTTP Headers “” and tap OK.

Step 6: Open Droid VPN, select any present/available connection and click/press on connect button.

Step 7: You are now connected to Droid VPN. Start browsing the web.


Another way  is FLY VPN, which you do not have to download to your Android device. Here is what to do.

Step 1: Tap on Settings>Wireless and Network>Select VPN.

Step 2: Click on the plus sign and sign onto the top right corner to add a new VPN.

Step 3: Select whichever name you want to use.

Step 4: Select the type of VPN as PPTP.

Step 5: Add the server address of your specific country when you register. You register at

Step 6: Select Check “PPP encryption (MPPE) and tap save.

Step 7: Click FLYVPN to connect.

Step 8: Use your user name and password to sign in and click connect.

Other way/methods for free internet

Another method for free how to get free internet is Proxy Droid & Element53 Lite. Download them both then we can continue.

Step 1: Launch ProxyDroid and enter the following settings:

  • Host: 127.0.01
  • Port: 3128
  • Proxy type: SOCKS5
  • Auto Connect: Checked
  • Bound network: 2G/3G

Step 2: Launch Element53 and push Menu>Settings>Network Type>Mobile.

Step 3: Activate your mobile data connection.

Step 4: Open Element53 and click to Connect.

This are the step to get how to get free internet services.and here are latest topic on 5g network.

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