How To Write A Blog in 2020, Will Make You Tons Of Profit. Here’s How!

How To Write A Blog in 2020, Will Make You Tons Of Profit. Here’s How!
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Blogging, When ever you listened this word , first things come in mind , How to start a blog with a hug no of traffic and competition. So don’t worry even professional blogger start with first step .
So i am Ashish , i am here to solve your problems with easy way. I was remember when i started my own first blog , the thing i was facing content (words) topic , how to described a topic find some ideas on internet . My first blog was a lots of mistake but i was never give up easily .i learned many books related to blogs and internet , after a lots of research i was expert in blog content writing . I have been since 3 year in this professionals to making a blog .

When you try something new ,definitely you have facing some problems , its depends on you how to deal with that .I know you are a beginner but this article is specially for beginners and also those who little bit knowledge of blogging .
If you are passionate for blogging then this  article  is for you . I am going to tell you best 7 simple steps to how to start a blog. Don’t worry just do it i am with you , when ever you stuck just give me a message i am happy to help you

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we are available 24/7 without any hesitation drop a message .So this 7 steps how to start a blog with 7 simple steps are followed.

#Step 1: Choose Your Blog’s Niche

There are two points remember you should consider when choosing the niche for your blog.

First, you must consider your skills, focus, experience, and passion. The right combination of these elements will establish your niche. Thus, it will motivate you to write daily and to overcome your temporary failures.

However, you must also consider whether what you have chosen is a viable blog topic. You should focus on a blog niche that is profitable and on content that is appreciated by the readers. If not, you are more likely to feel unsuccessful and quit your passion.


#Step 2: Pick a Blog Name

Second step is picking a blog name. Means choose a different name doesn’t taken anyone. So pick a unique attractive domain name , that’s audience easily attractive your domain name and visit your website. If your are thinking what is domain i give you a short description about what is domain name .

Domain name is a unique identity of blog page name .
Like we heard , , etc. . So there are the best and popular domain name  .com/.co/

This domain name provide many online
Website like , , etc.

This platform provide a unique domain name , you just go there and type unique word and buy domain name . Remember buy domain name give some charge.


#Step 3: Set Up Blog Hosting

To get your blog online, you will need blog hosting and blogging software. Generally, you will find these packaged together. The blog host will store your website on a server, making it accessible to your audience. Finding a good web hosting provider is essential for the smooth functioning of your blog.

#Step 4: Install a Blogging Platform

Once you have select a web hosting , then next step is install a blogging platform . Blogging is that platform to write a article on a favorite topic and public to ( subscriber) where yours subscriber can read your articles.

So first you have install a blogger app .
Google also provide a blog platform .But my opinion is best Bogging platform is WORDPRESS, Wp is give you a rich features and easy to use. In wp is write a blog easy and saving time also .So install WORDPRESS and write a article.

#Step 5: Customize your Blog

Customize your blog WordPress pages . Customize your blog is another most important significant step.

Customize your site with elegant themes , creative self-made logo , well create all footer and header . Create category in home page. And next thing to install wp plugin to control your sites like (themes , header and footer , social icon , template  and all install related plugin.

Remember as much as your keep your website simple and unique, the more chances your website give best impression to reader .
People also see simple and clean form factor .

#Step 6: Set up Your Blog’s SEO

To to able to rank your post , SEO is mostly important to grow your page with they help of seo. SEO means search engine optimization Seo is give your blog boost .
I don’t go in detail because its take more time and lengthier article  so if you ready in detail the go on Google website and read SEO .
In seo you must focus on keywords , Tags , Blog Title and meta descriptions.


#Step 7: Start Writing on Your Blog

After you complete all 6 point , then the last step is start writing on your blog

In WordPress simply follow

*You should go on dashboard on wp
*Click on add new post
*Then page displays on your computer
*Then give a title and start blogging

Whenever you think to write a article ,first you choose your topic which you write on it .Then search on internet and read more article  related to your topic. 

Follow this step to write an article

1. Search Your Keywords In Google
2. Write Down The Outlines In Your Notebook Or Notepad
3. Write Attractive Blog Title
4. Add Your Keyword In The Title
5. Write Introduction In The First Paragraph
6. Write Your Primary Keyword In First Paragraph
7. Highlight The Important Keywords/Points
8. Write Subheading In H2
9. Use “Call To Action” Words In The Conclusion Part
10. Embed Relatable Video
11. Internal Linking
12. Add One External Link To High Authority Site
13. Keywords Density 0.5%
14. Add Your Blogpost In The Related Category
15. Create Short Permalink Including Your Keyword
16. Add Related Tags
17. Compress Your Images Before Uploading
18. Add Featured Image
19. Add Alt Tags In Your All Images
20. Yoast SEO Checklist
21. Check Plagiarism Before Publishing The Article

If you follow all suitable  points one day definitely you will professional in this blog fields. so keep writing work hard write unique topic and earn money with blogging .   

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