How to Fix- instagram notifications not working iphone

How to Fix- instagram notifications not working iphone
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“Why don’t I get notifications from Instagram?” “why Instagram notifications not working iphone” “why don’t my notifications work on my iphone?” Did you have the same question? This is the article for you.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites used by almost everyone in the world. This application is actually made for sharing your photos and videos from your smartphone like your iPhone device. Once you post a video or photo to your Instagram account, it will automatically appear in your news feed, just like other social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Nowadays, however, there are some Instagram issues reported by some users of this social media site, and the most common problem is that they don’t receive notifications for Instagram on their iOS devices. One possible reason for this is if you have upgraded your iOS system. Well, we’ve put together some solutions that you can do for you fixes that the Instagram notification doesn’t work on your phone


Instagram Notifications not working iphone solution

If the Phone is iPhone 5siPhone 6s, or iPhone 7 malfunction and an error in the notifications, you can take action depending on the reason that caused the error. Here are the main action options if the option doesn’t work:

=> Check settings>Apps>Instagram>Notifications that you’ve also turned on the notification

2. Sometimes it is enough to clear the data and cache from the app

3. System crash – restart the device and check the condition;

4. Failed to update the system – It is recommended that you update the operating system.

5. Make sure you don’t have a cleaner or similar installed that will automatically stop the app

6. But also the energy-saving mode can affect the notifications

7. iPhone automatically closes apps after about ten minutes. This can also be added to the notification not to be sent.

8. Maybe another app will prevent it

9. Have you granted an unauthorized app access to change system settings?

10. Do you have many apps on your phone or is your memory full?

11. Does your Wi-Fi or mobile balance work properly?

12. The problem lies with the application. To do this, you can delete the resource and then download and reinstall it

13. If none of the methods is to help, it may also be due to the individual device.

In this case, contact the manufacturer to see if the problem is known.

Such methods can quickly resolve the problems associated with the Instagram notifications not working on iPhone.

Detailed Causes and solutions for Instagram Notifications not working iPhone

  • Overload: If you switch back and forth between several elaborate apps, older iPhones in particular may be overwhelmed. If the processes stop and everything doesn’t run as smoothly as usual, the iPhone likes to dispense with the push notifications. To fix this, it is usually enough to close all apps. It’s best to turn your iPhone off and on briefly.
  • Reinstall Instagram app: If notifications for just one or a few apps don’t work, you can simply delete and reinstall them.
  • The “Do Not Disturb” feature enabled: If you have turned on the non-interference functions in the settings, you will be informed by push notifications, but without vibration and sound. You can see if the function is active when a crescent moon is at the top of the time. If necessary, turn it off under “Settings”.
  • Jail-Break: If you’ve jailbroken your Apple device, this may also be a reason for the error. Reinstall the jail break or switch back to the current IOS.
  • Wi-Fi problem: Many home Wi-Fi networks are not particularly powerful. If a large number of devices are active at the same time, your iPhone can only reach a fraction of the usual speed. Therefore, see if the push notifications work over the mobile data network. If this is the case, the problem is probably in your Wi-Fi.
  • Reinstall iPhone: If all these steps don’t fix the problem, you can restore your iPhone. To do this, you reset it to the factory settings and then optionally play a backup again.

In Case of Backup and Restore

TIP: If you use your iCloud backup file to recover deleted data, you no longer need to connect your device to your computer, but must make sure that your device is connected to an Internet connection.

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About Insta

This platform is also used by those we call influencers to get more audiences from these social media sites. Some use this application to follow certain celebrities they love to be updated. For these iPhone or iOS users, Instagram is one of the top social media sites they have installed on their devices.

Because iPhone or iOS devices have new features related to the camera, users who use Instagram tend to take more pictures and post them to their news feed. We also receive notifications on our iOS devices for new followers, new updates about the people we follow, or even when we receive messages from other people who are connected to us on Instagram.


Now you’ve learned How to Fix Instagram notifications not working iPhone. As you can see, there are many reasons and of course ways you can fix your Instagram notification. If you have now resorted to restoring your device and therefore you have lost all your data, then you must use iPhone (IOS) recovery software.

It can help you recover your deleted data even if you don’t have a backup. The use of this program is also very secure, as all your data is kept secure and your information is also backed up. This program is compatible with any (iOS) iPhone device, so you don’t have to worry about your device. The recovery Toolkit – iOS Data Recovery Program will help you recover your deleted files in the fastest, easiest and safest way.

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