ps5 controller next-generation game consoles.

ps5 controller next-generation game consoles.
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Selling next-generation ps5 controller game consoles is both easy and difficult. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have enhanced specs and are fully backwards compatible, so it’s definitely a buy.

However, the number of game titles at the time of release is small, and the new features are not eye-catching. It lacks persuasive power beyond being “improved.” It’s like a new iPhone, and you might end up buying it.

But you don’t have to just complain from the beginning. Our opinion is that there is no need to hurry anyway.

Prior to its release, Technologypin was provided with new game consoles by both Microsoft and Sony, and has produced this article with several game titles from both companies and third-party game publishers.

ps5 controller

# Information about new ps5 gaming controller and features 

For the past month or so, due to the complicated (and some of which are still valid) article publication ban dates and times, we have had to give out information about new features and new games.

In fact, if you continue to make announcements slowly, you will lose the surprise of the new model, and there is a risk that users will be less interested. Few gamers are excited about such articles if they can only write the appearance of the enclosure or the first level of the launch title game.

It makes the reviewers cry that it will not be announced until after the release, or even if it is announced, the opening date will be much later. We will update this article as new information becomes available. Also, if you write a new article,

ps5 controller

Anyway, the PS5 has been unbanned, allowing you to write about almost everything (but not completely) about new features. However, it cannot be concluded that PS5 is a big leap as Sony claims

I don’t want to say that the new platform is a failure. On the contrary, there are many advantages. Still, the new generation aircraft are very similar to the old generation aircraft. In fact, backwards compatibility is the biggest selling point for the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

With that in mind, here’s what we can report frankly and confidently at this point:

# ps5 controller looks pretty unique in design

The ps5 controller looks pretty unique in design. It may be mistaken for an air purifier, but at least it shouldn’t be confused with other game consoles.

The large and winding design will not fit well with most interiors. The only thing that stands out is to give up. However, it can be placed vertically or horizontally on a stand (can someone make a special shield that hides strange curves like a French curve?).

The new ps5 controller console is fairly quiet during play, but for games that use a hard disk, it’s best to keep it at least 1m away. The optional HDD is much noisier than the main unit.

ps5 controller

# ps5 controller and ps5 graphics DualSense makes sense

One of the full-fledged new features on the ps5 controller is the Dual Sense ps5 controller.

The buttons on the ps5 controller  are translucent and smart, but I honestly don’t like the PlayStation-specific PS. It feels like a dirt-removing sponge with a magnet throughout.

Also, I’m not really impressed with the speaker and microphone built into the controller. What kind of game should this method be used instead of a normal headset? I have a hard time coming up with it.

The real meaningful improvement is the trigger button. The mechanical resistance can be controlled very accurately. Inspire your imagination and provide great features in any game.

The PS5’s trigger button is equipped with a clever haptic controller that conveys a clear reaction from a very light feel to a strong finger push back (although I haven’t had a chance to try it yet).

ps5 controller
# ps5 graphics UI features more and more convenient?

The PS4 user interface and ps5 graphics was devised to look easy. The same is true for the PS5, but there are two steps forward and one step back.

There is a clear separation between gaming ps5 graphics and media features on the PS5, which is wise. OTT apps and streaming services that provide multimedia such as videos via the Internet are widespread. These services will require more and more storage space, so it makes sense to separate them from the game.

Is the new UI an improvement with best ps5 graphics over the current UI? Judgment is difficult because the personalities are quite different. It’s complicated on the one hand and efficient on the other.

It may improve things, such as setting up voice chat and the process of inviting friends to the game to reduce friction. However, since it has not been actually released yet, it is not possible to make an experiential judgment.

But there are some great improvements. First of all, it’s easier to customize the PS5 to your liking. I was able to download the settings data saved in the cloud in a minute or two. The new settings page addresses elements that change frequently in the game (difficulty, language, camera changes, etc.).

There are also built-in accessibility options. It’s nice to have accessibility features for handicapped users such as screen readers and chat transcriptions (although I haven’t tested it myself).

ps5 graphics
# Reason to buy ps5 

In summary, PS5 is the best version of PS4
The main reason to buy a new console is to play a new game and you have to love ps5 graphics. When the US Switch came out, the biggest reason to buy it was probably to play the new Zelda. Unfortunately, for the PS5 this time, the launch title is poor.

#You can buy and pre-order in official website by sony
# ps5 console should be purchased for Christmas 2021

“2021” is not a typo. I’m on the review team for both the PS5 and the rival Xbox Series X, but the PS5 isn’t a console that you have to buy in a hurry. Especially at Christmas 2020, PS5 will be out of stock and it will be difficult to purchase.

It’s a pity for young game fans who are eager for the PS5, but it’s almost impossible to open the PS5 at Christmas.

In the games I could actually play, I didn’t really feel the next-generation power of having to be a PS5. Of course, there will be titles that must be PS5 in future games (this point will also be described later). However, games that take advantage of these benefits may be playable on other platforms as well.

In the next generation, consoles will continue to spread slowly and will eventually become the standard. But even if you don’t get a PS5 for Christmas, it’s not the end of the world. The winter of 2020 should be fun with PS4 without any problems.

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