Tesla model 3 launch used tesla model 3 soon to drive

Tesla model 3 launch used tesla model 3 soon to drive
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Obviously, in the face of 500,000 orders, the numbers of 100 and 1500 are not satisfactory, if you are planning tobuy & used tesla model 3 , so this update for you .so Elon Musk added a tweet after a lot of variety, indicating that the production capacity of Model 3 in December will reach about 20,000.

According to the previously announced plan, Tesla will first deliver cars in North America. North America tesla lover first priority used tesla model 3 soon.

The priority of the Chinese market is not high, so this also means that according to Tesla’s expected annual output of 300,000, domestic scheduled car owners can get The time to Model 3 is likely to be delayed beyond 2019.

# What kind of car is Model 3 and dimensions 

Length: 4,676mm, width: 1,885mm, height: 1,435mm, wheelbase is 2,870mm. Such data may not seem intuitive. The comparison in the figure below is relatively intuitive.

The overall size of Model 3 is about the same as BMW 3. The overall appearance of the small hatchback looks closer to the BMW 3 Series GT.

used tesla model 3

The interior is simple to a bit rudimentary, with no traditional instrument panel or head-up display, only a large central control screen placed horizontally


# Tesla has announced the starting price 

Although Tesla has announced the starting price of Model 3 is 35,000 US dollars. But this should only be the price of the most basic version. If you spend 35,000 US dollars overseas, you are likely to get a Model 3 40 (the symbol 40 represents the body battery capacity of 40 kWh), equipped with 17-inch wheels. all advance features you used tesla model 3.

And the simplest interior, and did not turn on the Autopilot function. And if an option list is given to Model 3 according to the current high-end model configuration of Model S and Model X, the owner needs to add so much money

# Tesla charging 

Changing from rear-wheel motor drive to D model all-wheel drive requires an additional $5,000. The enhanced version of driving assistance requires an additional price of US$5,000. In order to achieve fully automated driving, an additional price of US$3,000 is required, including in-vehicle air purification,

LED headlights and other configurations need to be increased by US$3,500, smart air suspension US$2500, sub-zero climate kit US$1,000, high-fidelity audio US$2500 and US$4000 for high-power superchargers.

used tesla model 3

# used tesla model 3 soon 

If Tesla still imports Model 3 in the same way as Model S and Model X, then the price of the National Bank Model 3 should be between 400,000 and 600,000.

The price of domestically produced Tesla is exempted from import taxes, and it has the strength to compete with the mainstream product lines of traditional luxury car manufacturers.As for whether the Model 3 looks good or not, it is a matter of opinion

# Really have to wait until 2020, is Model 3 worth buying?

Whether it is worth buying is actually the same as the preference for the appearance of the car, it is also a matter of opinion. But at the end of the article, state a few facts.

Tesla has attempted to lower its expectations of Model 3 many times before. In fact, as Tesla’s entry-level model, Model 3 is absolutely inferior to Model S and Model X, both in terms of performance and interior (you Just think about it,

Model S interior is enough for a car accident, what about Model 3?). Tesla also recently updated the official website information, and quietly upgraded the performance of Model S and Model X, directly making the car‘s 0-60mph (0-96km/h) acceleration capability faster

used tesla model 3

# Tesla Models are as follows

  • Model S 75: From 5.5 seconds to 4.3 seconds. (0-100km/h 4.6 seconds)
  • Model S 75D: From 5.2 seconds to 4.2 seconds. (0-100km/h 4.4 seconds)
  • Model S 100D: A slight increase from 4.2 seconds to 4.1 seconds.
  • Model X 75D: From 6 seconds to 4.9 seconds. (0-100km/h 5.2 seconds)
  • Model X 100D: From 5.2 seconds to 4.7 seconds. (0-100km/h 4.9 seconds)

The reason for this is simple, to widen the positioning gap with Model 3. So if you really have sufficient budget and don’t want to wait for a long time and used tesla model 3.

it is better to directly consider choosing Model S or Model Xused tesla model 3 . The waiting time for domestic car bookings for these two cars is not very long.

# New energy strategies to used tesla model 3 charging kit

Finally, you can look at the new energy strategies of those traditional car manufacturers.

used tesla model 3

The mainstream traditional car manufacturers on the market have announced that they will release more pure electric or hybrid new energy products around 2020. It’s really hard to say whether the Model 3 at that time had the cost-effectiveness and competitiveness that it looks like now.

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