The best huawei smartphone camera mate 40 Pro+

The best huawei smartphone camera mate 40 Pro+
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Each color scheme of huawei smartphone Mate40 Pro closely follows the fashion trend, coupled with the recognizable design, the visual effect is very good. mate 40 and next series is really advance like a feature of mobile technology.

huawei smartphone Mate40 Pro also supports IP68 dust and water resistance, making it more reliable to use. Huawei Mate40 Pro is equipped with a 6.76-inch 88-degree ultra-curved OLED ring screen. The almost invisible borders on the left and right greatly enhance the sense of immersion.

You can get an excellent visual experience when watching videos and playing games.

This screen also has good display quality, supports 90Hz high refresh rate, 240Hz touch sampling rate, DCI-P3 wide color gamut, and a resolution of 2772×1344. The screen display is delicate, the touch operation responds quickly, and the visual fluency is also significantly improved.

# Cameras

huawei smartphone  rear imaging system of Huawei mate40pro has a total of 3 cameras, consisting of 50 million main camera + 20 million movie camera + 12 million periscope telephoto lens, consisting of 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom and 50x digital zoom, additional.

It is also equipped with a laser focus sensor. The main camera adopts IMX700, which is the world’s first sensor that combines RYYB color filter array, four-in-one pixel fusion, and full-pixel eight-core focusing technology into one.

It cooperates with the XD Fusion image engine and the powerful computing performance of Kirin 9000 to make mate40pro’s The imaging system is always online

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#  huawei smartphone best OIS

Although the Mate 40 Pro lacks optical image stabilization on the main camera, its camera capabilities have reached a new peak.

Based on the excellent performance of the P40 Pro, the new model has improved several aspects, especially the dynamic range is amazing, even in low light, it can retain the highlights, which is difficult for many flagship phones. . Huawei Mate 40 Pro (huawei smartphone) is the best choice for low-light photography, and it can easily cope with all shooting challenges.

Although the telephoto telephoto of the Mate 40 Pro is not the best, it is excellent enough. Although the field of view is slightly narrower than competing products, the image quality of the
ultra-wide-angle camera is almost beyond criticism.

# ultra-wide-angle lenses

It is well known that ultra-wide-angle lenses always cause image field distortion and perspective distortion in photos.Both the former and the latter are more difficult to correct.

Professional photographers want to avoid distortion and perspective distortion. First, they need to choose their lenses carefully, and second, they need to spend a long time in post-photographing, but for mobile phone users, they are almost powerles

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After Huawei Mate40 Pro+ adds ToF camera, the total number of rear cameras comes to 5. The main camera is still the 50-megapixel RYYB camera, but the ultra-wide-angle camera has a certain upgrade compared to the Mate40 Pro. The “free-form surface” technology is added to the original parameters to achieve distortion correction.

# huawei smartphone upgread design and feature

Huawei mate40 series has undergone a drastically transformative upgrade in future on the basis of mate30 series.

You can feel the changes and changes from mate. What has changed is a stronger chip performance, a more powerful imaging system, and a smoother screen experience. All these make the new generation of mate series a new start.

what remains unchanged is that Huawei brings better products to users and The original intention of insisting on quality.

#  Mate40 huawei smartphone series and iPhone 12

In the final analysis, although Huawei Mate40 series mobile phones and iPhone 12 series are equally good in imaging, their different concepts have led them to go in different directions.

From a consumer’s point of view, if there are higher requirements for smartphone photography functions and hope that the phone itself can meet the shooting needs in more scenes, then the Huawei Mate40 series is naturally a more suitable object

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Note all image and video taken from official page.

# specifications

  • Android operating system
  • Eight-core processor
  • 6.76 inch OLED
  • Huawei HiSilicon Kirin 9000
  • Screen resolution 2772 x 1344 pixels
  • 12GB RAM / 256GB ROM
  • Main camera: 50 million pixels (4 lenses)
  • 4400 mAh (stationary)
  • Front camera: 13 million pixels
# conclusion

Huawei Mate40 Pro is a flagship phone with stylish design, powerful comprehensive performance and excellent camera effects. It can bring you a worry-free and comprehensive flagship experience.

According to DXOMARK CAMERA RATING huawei mate pro plus camera rating is 139.

If you are planning to buy a flagship phone, Huawei Mate40 Pro is worth considering.

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