Top Cable Squat Exercise Instructions & Different Type Of Squat?

Top Cable Squat Exercise Instructions & Different Type Of Squat?
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When you think about training legs oftentimes the mind conjures up images of leg press or squats free weights or machines, you don’t often think about cables as being a mainstay of a leg workout, but I love cables squat for a couple of different reasons.     

The first reason is that you’re able to get constant tension on the muscle and this is something that can be very hard to do in both machines, and in free weights that constant tension on the muscle is one of the ways that muscles can grow so you’re able to shape the muscles and really get a quite a different workout. Than you would from machines or free weights.

the second reason I love cables squat is because you’re able to control the angle so you can adjust the pulley to higher low and you can get a ton of different angles that you wouldn’t ordinarily get from a machine or from a free weight but you get that free weight motion so while you set the cable at a certain height. you’re able to still control that range of motion so today we’re going to go through an entirely cable squat exercise instructions & different type of squat.


Workout and this is something that’s amazing for traveling so if you’re at a hotel or other place  you only have one cable you can get your entire workout in or if the gym is busy you can have that one spot in the gym where you can get your workout in now I have to say if people are waiting for the cables don’t be a hog and take the cable for the entire 30 to 45 minutes no one likes a person who hogs a machine but you know if it’s one of those things where you’ve got this space no one’s looking for this space get your work out in it’s awesome it doesn’t take much time and it works every muscle in the legs let’s get into this workout let’s start this workout.

any time


reverse lunges now with this exercise. I don’t have a ton of weight on the cable. I think it’s about 40 pounds(18.14kg) and I’ve set the cable to about you’re four notches above the lowest setting using the EZ bar attachment here, but you can use a straight bar or any attachment that allows you to extend our arms straight out now the idea with reverse lunges exercise is to push your weight through the heels and as you push your weight, through the heels and step back you’re going to push against or pull against the resistance of the cable and  that’s going to allow you to active ate the gluts and the hamstrings so it’s going to provide a little bit more in a different kind of resistance than traditional reverse lunges would and it’s also going to encourage you to keep your knee behind your toe let’s move into our first heavy exercise four sets of. this reverse lungs squats boost your energy and give you a high efficiency to focus on works.



Cable squat guide how to use it, and this differs from the traditional squat in that you’re counter balancing against the weight on the stack so you want to use your body weight maybe a little bit more and instead of like a traditional squat. when you would just come straight up you want to think about coming out of that cable squat pushing up and back at the same time so it’s very important to brace your upper body against the weight keep everything nice, and still nice and strong. really think about pushing up with your gluts and your hamstrings keeping your weight through your heel sand. I guarantee you’re gonna feel this exercise in your glutes and your hamstrings a lot more than you would traditional squat .  


goblet squat grab your double D attachment it’s important to use this attachment because it’s going to allow you to brace against the weight with your upper body it’s going to allow you, to get your elbows underneath that handle and this will take a lot of tension off the upper body and allow you to focus on just moving the weight with your legs now again with any other squat you’re going to push your weight through your heels and this one is no different so keep that weight through the heels keep your upper body nice and tall and you’ll feel this and your glutes your hamstrings and your quads.

in goblet squat, I really just focus on keeping yours shoulders back and working against the tension of the cable now go directly into your feet a little wider than shoulder-width make sure you keep your back nice and flat as you lower yourself down. think about pushing your hips back and then pushing your hips forward on the way up so upper body is simply bracing and stabilizing for you. You shouldn’t be pulling at all with your arms or your back this is entirely in that hip hinge and you’re gonna feel in your hamstrings gluts especially in that gluts ham tie-in, I know it does not exist but if you want to get that separation between the gluts and the hamstrings this is an awesome goblet squat exercise for that so with the other like with the other exercises .brace against the cable and use that to really engage those muscles 10 reps.

goblet squat


Here front foot elevated split to our next superset you’re gonna need a small play box or a couple of plates stack them up about a foot and a half away from the cable now set the cable to about hip height maybe a little bit lower and you don’t need a ton of weight here, so you’re going to do a front foot elevated split .                                  

  This is going to allow you to get your upper leg below parallel and is going to allow you to really recruit those gluts. so this extra this work out is going to be a little bit more gluts and hamstring centric now push your weight through the heels and think about bracing against the cable now. start with the non-dominant leg so whichever leg is not your dominant leg you want to start with and the goal here is to get 10 reps on either side but let’s say you can only get eight on your non-dominant leg then do 8 on your dominant leg .when you switch sides be sure that the left side and the right side are mirror images of each other and what this is going to do is it’s going to allow you to get a perfect perfectly symmetric range of motion on both sides, so unilateral exercises. only work if you do them evenly on both sides don’t use a ton of weight here just use enough to where you can feel that front foot elevated split resistance and where the last 2 to 3 reps only . 

front split squat


Single-leg calf split squats is work here so single leg calf raise the idea here too is to start with your non-dominant side and really focus on squeezing that single-leg calf split squats calf at the top also focus on rather than lifting the heel think about pushing that heel forward towards your toe. when you think about pushing that heel forward you’ll find that you should be able to engage your calves a little bit more than if you.

were to just think about raising that heel 10 reps on each side but again if you can only do let’s say 7 or 8 on your non-dominant side do the same number of reps on your dominant side and for each superset here you’re gonna take about 45 seconds to a minute in between and be sure to keep aneye on recovery in between sets.

super sets this is going to help you keep your heart rate up help you burn more calories with this Single-leg calf split squats exercise  okay moving on into another super set we’ve got cable sumo squats. sumo is another squats way , discuss on follow.


sumo squat be sure you turn your toes out. when you turn your toes out your knees should follow the direction of your toes, so that’s with any kind of sumo squat and just to maintain overall health. This doing as much weight as the cable squat but still you want to do enough weight to obviously feel the muscles working and to train and push the weight through the heel slow and controlled range of motion here too I’m gonna step over the rope we’re gonna do sumo exercise. For Reference click here

sumo squat


Cable pull through so four sets often here with the pull through ‘s think about keeping your back flat but roll your upper body forward and think about tucking that pelvis at the very top of the cable pull through exercise. what this is going to do is it’s going to give you so much more gluts recruitment. than if you were to keep everything completely flat so here think about at the top almost making a C shape with your body and it doesn’t make much sense and it doesn’t certainly doesn’t look pretty, but you’ll definitely feel it much more than, if you were to keep just you know regular form here and tuck the chin at the top really squeeze.

If you enjoyed this best solution cable squat and the different type of squats please consider your feedback new workouts come out all the time and keep in mind anytime you try something new it’s going to help you break through plateaus which can help you see results faster and can also keep the gym exciting interesting and challenging thanks for valuable time and stayed tuned with us for more advantages lifestyles tips.

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