Volvo implements a new strategy car sales online

Volvo implements a new strategy car sales online
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Gasgoo Automotive News In mid-December, Volvo Cars Group released a new global marketing strategy that will significantly increase marketing budgets, ( volvo also famour our look and volvo suv )with online car sales as the core content, while reducing participation in traditional auto shows, aiming to lead the automotive industry from a digital marketing perspective.

Volvo’s “Volvo Way to Market” global marketing strategy focuses on four major areas: marketing tools, digital leadership, distributors and services.

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# Use the Internet to sell cars as the focus

In terms of digital marketing, Volvo believes that the biggest change in the current automotive industry is not in the headquarters of car companies, but in people’s homes.

Nowadays, most consumers around the world shop online, and car buyers can jump from one website to another,

instead of running from one store to another. Volvo Marketing Director Alain Visser revealed that 80% of Volvo car owners purchase other goods online. But the most of customer are buy volvo suv Research shows that in the future, many people will also use the Internet when buying a car.

To this end, Volvo will begin to sell branded vehicles globally through the Internet and implement digital e-commerce.

In Volvo’s view, a complete online configuration system (Configuration) and industry-leading websites are the keys to the success of digital marketing.

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# Benefits of online services

At present, the online configuration configuration system of car companies allows consumers to “build” the concept of the whole car from various configuration angles. In the future,

Volvo will simplify the process based on personal preferences and budget, and give consumers a “designer-like” Choose “Experience.

Once the vehicle configuration is selected, consumers will receive a short video showing the vehicle dynamically, which makes the process more vivid and vivid.

# Volvo tested online marketing

In September of this year, Volvo has already tested online marketing on the new-generation Volvo XC90, and 1,927 specially customized XC90s were ordered online within tens of minutes.

# The volvo dealer is still the key

However, Volvo’s online car sales will not replace its dealer network, but will form a supplement. Volvo is also working closely with volvo dealer  to develop tools to maintain interpersonal contact with customers, which play an important role in car purchase, delivery and maintenance.

Some car brands have invested heavily in building “brand centers” in big cities, while Volvo calls every Volvo brand dealership a “brand center”. In the future, dealerships will remain Volvo’s marketing focus.

All new Volvo stores, volvo suv around the world will have a unified layout, appearance and experience, and the exterior and interior will have the Scandinavian style of Volvo.Existing dealerships will gradually follow a similar route to upgrade, but keep differences in some details.

# Marketing tool downplay the auto show

Volvo defines the focus of marketing tools as: auto shows, advertising and sponsorship. In the future, Volvo will only participate in one major auto show on each continent every year, diluting the status of traditional auto show marketing and replacing it with events organized by the Volvo brand itself.

# The auto shows

The auto shows reserved for participation mainly include the Geneva Motor Show in Europe, the Shanghai/Beijing Auto Show in China, and the Detroit Auto Show in North America.

The Volvo brand event will be based on the launch of the new XC90 and most famous and demanded volvo suv in Stockholm in August this year. An event will be held every year to showcase the Volvo brand, new products and innovative achievements.

In terms of advertising and sponsorship, Volvo does not intend to compete with large car companies, but selectively select media channels to convey the Volvo brand message.

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# volvo Service Personalization

For Volvo’s new marketing strategy, the last key link is after-sales service. Volvo has introduced the concept of “Personal Service Technician”, and consumers begin to enjoy the services of “Technical Expert” when the vehicle is delivered.

It is expected that by 2018, all Volvo dealerships around the world will be equipped with “personal service technical experts” as a standard.

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