What an SEO expert must be able to do

What an SEO expert must be able to do
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Are you looking for an SEO expert for your company website? We tell you what to look out for and what requirements it should have.


Your company website might look fantastic. But if it does not constantly attract potential customers and then ideally turn them into real customers with they help of seo expert.

it will not serve its purpose. And that in turn can have a negative impact on operating income. So if your website is only showing moderate success, it might be time to find a search engine optimization expert – seo expert for short.

Whether as a permanent employee, as an individual consultant, or through a special consultancy company.

A qualified seo expert evaluates your website, asks you about your business goals and target group and develops strategies on how you can improve your position on the hit lists of Internet search engines and the number of page views.

# seo expert Optimization Basics: This is How Everyone

Can Find Them on the Web The measures that an  seo expert uses can be very simple. For example, rewrite HTML title tags to prevent search engine bots from indexing website content that is technically unfavorable for SEO. Or highlighting your own links as opposed to links to external websites. We asked three SEO experts what to look out for when hiring a search engine optimizer. We have compiled the ten most important properties for you.

# Several years of SEO expertise

“Absolutely anyone can start an SEO agency overnight and then sell themselves as an SEO expert,

” said Jill Whalen, CEO of SEO firm High Rankings. “But that doesn’t mean that everyone really knows what to do. There are hundreds of small factors that play a role in the big picture of SEO optimization. And it takes many years of experience to know which factor and where works and really makes sense. “

Whalen adds that every website needs different SEO strategies to be successful.

“An SEO professional with many years of professional experience will be able to know exactly what needs to be done to generate more search engine traffic with one glance at a website. On the other hand, a SEO newbie is more likely to try trial-and-off -Error principle doing everything possible on all websites to find out what works. If anything works at all. “

# Understanding of all three seo expert levels

Search engine optimization comprises a total of three levels: the technical level, on which the structure of the website is analyzed and then it is determined how easy or difficult it is for search engines to capture the content of your page; on-page optimization, which checks,

for example, how heavily keywords and HTML tags are used; and off-page optimization, which includes setting links.

“Nobody wants a one-dimensional seo expert,” said Taylor Pratt, vice president of product marketing at Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

“You need someone who approaches your strategy on all three levels in order to maximize success.” Whalen adds: “If search engines cannot access every piece of content on the website, or if certain content is buried too deeply in the code of the page, then any other SEO move is useless for the time being.

That means: every SEO expert must absolutely all technical Know and understand the limitations and problems of search engines and be able to explain these problems to website developers in order to correct the problem. “

# Proof of Success

“It’s very easy to make yourself a good name in the SEO business,” said Whalen.

“There are so many blog entries and articles on the web that can be read about various SEO tactics. It is a completely different matter to make your customers happy and satisfied with them. Everyone who is looking for a good one SEO experts should check at least three reasonably up-to-date customer testimonials to see how the expert helped them succeed – and whether they even had it. “

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# Smart Marketing Make

“Once you’ve figured out the technical issues a website has, search engine optimization is very similar to traditional marketing,” explains Whalen.

“The content must be rewritten in a way that highlights the benefits for the customer and at the same time encourages them to purchase or conclude a contract. At the same time, the content must also be presented in such a way that the people behind a search engine can clearly recognize and assign the content of your website can.”

# Perspective and knowledge

“For years I thought I could just ignore and ignore everything outside of the hype-focused SEO arena,” says Rand Fishkin, CEO and co-founder of the service company SEOMoz.

“If one thing had nothing to do with the rankings within a search engine: pah, who cares? A stupid and wrong attitude. Today’s search engine optimization must understand all areas of marketing, no matter how deep. Even the psychology of human Race, the particular culture that marketing is intended to address, the social media landscape, web analytics,

web design and development, viral marketing, content, products, company models, and more – when we separate search engine optimization from these important factors we make short-sighted decisions

# Understanding the Big Picture

Should an SEO professional focus more on conversions (turning a website visitor into a customer) or on search engine rankings?

“Ideally, the focus of any good SEO strategy lies in the fulfillment of a goal – for example, turning more visitors into customers – not in proving a certain search engine rank,” says Pratt.

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# Adaptation to the company culture

SEO professionals need to interact with many different departments in your company, including IT, marketing, customer service, analytics, and sales.

It is therefore essential that there is good cooperation between him and all the employees in the company and the customers. “The seo expert personality, integrity and communication style simply have to fit the company, otherwise the whole project will be an extremely difficult undertaking,” warns Fishkin.

# Excellent communication skills

Speaking of communication methods: an seo expert should be able to clearly communicate why a website needs to be changed.

“In such a way that everyone understands,” says Pratt. “SEO experts cannot possibly do all the necessary steps on their own. Therefore, they have to make it clear to everyone involved why which changes are necessary. Especially the IT team and the C-level team.”

# Passion for Effectiveness

Fishkin says SEO experts who like to do their jobs quickly and efficiently are often the ideal consultants.

“Good SEO experts find ways to master challenges and bypass blockages. Of course, your company should be ready to allow progress and changes and not to hinder them. Otherwise, even the best seo expert will lose their incentive to positively affect the company to influence.”

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While specialist knowledge is certainly one of the most important qualities of an SEO expert, curiosity is also one of the essential pillars.

“Finding an SEO professional who knows the IP addresses of all of Google’s crawlers is great,” explains Fishkin. “But to find someone who is highly interested and curious and who always analyzes how the crawlers work is even better. I have often dealt with seo expert whose expertise was simply overwhelming. But at a certain point in their career the maximum of knowledge was simply reached. It stopped growing.

That is why I advise young, fresh minds who are hungry for knowledge rather than a gray-haired veteran whose hunger for knowledge has long since died. “

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